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Some book non-business book recommendations                                    (note: disable pop-up blockers if you can't see anything!  Business books are down below this section)

  The best and most insightful comedy on television these days.  Great book as well.   I used to work on capital hill, and I've never read a better-written government document!  Obviously an important topic, and the quality of writing makes it compelling.
  This is the final chapter in Stephen King's Opus.  20 years in the making, and ties many of his books together.  You'll have to read the first six books first though!   This is the first Dark Tower Book if you are looking to get started.  It's also probably the worst of the group, so don't get discouraged if it's slow moving to you.
  I usually don't like the "blockbuster" books, but I liked this one.  Like most people, I couldn't stop for about a week or so until it was finished.   Chick book...but I liked it.  Written by a guy who is actually my favorite sports authors, Mitch Albom, who I used to read religiously when I lived in Detroit, MI, for a few months.
  I notice that a book called "The Plot Against America" is popular, and plan to read it.  It's a story about an alternative outcome of history if Germany would have won WW2.  Reminds me of this excellent book - What If?  A few years old buy highly recommended for history buffs.   OK, full disclosure, I'm ABOUT to read this book.  I've read Carl Hiaasen before and loved his comedic novels.  I'd also recommend his book "Sick Puppy", though he's better known for "Striptease".  He offers more proof that Florida is just hopeless.
  This is basically "The Libertarian Bible" by any other name.  If you want to know my political leanings, I'm part of the "radical middle" along with Stossel.  Very compelling book - I'd challenge all believers of big government to read!  Those non-believers in government will nod your head a lot.   This almost belongs with the business books, but is a little more high level in terms of sociology. 

Business Books:

  First of two required Jim Collins books.  I like Good to Great better, but I think that you should read both of them.   Been around for a few years, but a good one.
  This book, besides being a great baseball story, also got me thinking of how many other industries out there operate on hunches, and could be better if someone just focused on improving them with more objective measurements.   "Who is on the bus is more important that where the bus is going" - one of many great insights from this classic.
  Great bit of recent history, and a well written overview of the Genetics industry.  If, like me, you think this is going to be the "Biotech Century", this is a great place to get a baseline of information.   What do you mean you haven't read this one yet?!  It's a classic, and required for high-tech startups especially.
  A hopeful book about the potential marketplace and source of entrepreneurship that doesn't get enough attention.   Good analytical book based on a lot of research that offers a lot of insights on managing people.